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There are two ways to look at the word imitation; one is the act of copying someone or something and the other is a counterfeit.

Why then is so much of Christianity based on imitation and isn’t it interesting that simulation is a synonym of imitation.

God’s love for you is absolutely unique! He’s never loved anyone in the same way He loves and cares for you. His ideas and desires for you are matchless.

So why do we spend so much time, money and effort trying to duplicate what He’s done in another’s life? We read books about the 5, 7 or 10 steps to this or that, we put together elaborate programs, curriculum and seminars designed to make others like us, all the while forsaking our individuality and cheapening the exceptional relationship God wants to have with us.

Don’t be discouraged if trying to follow the crowd has left you saying “surely there’s more”. There is, it’s more Jesus! He is the only one capable of truly loving you with no strings attached and no baggage. The only one that can satisfy your very soul and the only one that can heal the pain this world has thrust upon you. Cry out to Him, He’s right there.

“God invites us to be new creations, original art, and to live a life of engagement. He says to leave the cheap imitation in a closet somewhere. He doesn’t say when you hang the real you out there – the priceless one – that things will go great either. It’s pretty clear from watching Jesus’ followers past and present that when you risk the real you, you’ll probably take a hit. God did when He hung Jesus out there. But one thing I do know is this: when we do take hits, and we will, God isn’t going to think less of us.” – Bob Goff, Love Does

He loves us scars and all.

You can’t live someone else’s relationship with God.

We are so often encouraged to imitate another’s process of spirituality, “do these things to become who God wants you to be”. Bookshelves are full of people’s ideas of how it’s done. There’s nothing wrong with sharing how God has worked in your life, we just can’t expect it to work that way for others. God’s love for you is only enough if it is unique and one of a kind, formulas diminish this and make our relationship ordinary. Another way of saying unique is inimitable. Let’s not get hung up on trying to copy God’s relationship with someone else, instead let’s fervently pursue what He has for us. After all, imitation means an inferior substitute.