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Safety only comes at the cost of freedom. Last week we honored those that fought for our freedom while forsaking safety all together. This week many are willing to forego freedom in order to be safe though more accurately what we’re hearing are folks willing to forfeit the actual safety and freedom of others in order to keep themselves from improbable or even imagined danger. Greatness and cowardice both use the word sacrifice, the later is willing to sacrifice others, the former knows that’s not sacrifice at all and is disposed to offer themselves first. Let’s choose greatness.

Jesus doesn’t promise us safety, He offers us freedom.

Liberty that’s not shared is not liberty at all!

The worst mistake anyone can make is to perceive anyone else as lesser. – Andrew Solomon

Jesus said, “If I honor Myself, My honor is nothing.”

Why is one of Christianity’s most conspicuous characteristics superiority?

Last night we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 81 this year. Mom brought a picture of him and showed it to a few people as she was telling them what we were doing. It’s a tradition we’ve loved for the last eight years. I especially like that it communicates honor for him to our children particularly our daughter who was only six months old when he died. The kids brought the picture home and were once again reminded they have a wonderful Grandpa. (or three)