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If you sincerely want to know The One that made you, The One responsible for all you see and infinitely beyond, The One that proved His unique love for you by becoming one of us and sacrificing everything then open your heart and say hello. He’s right there waiting to be invited into your life, your day and even more so into this moment. The only thing keeping you from Him is you. Don’t be afraid; don’t let others complicate this for you. God is bigger!

We all have ’em, why do we try to hide them from each other instead of sharing them and seeing their power taken away?

Hiding our shortcomings, our struggles, our insecurities or our fears only gives them power over us. Bringing them into the open, sharing them with someone you trust and who is not afraid to be honest about their’s weakens the hold they have and is the beginning of true change.

God wants us to know His fullness and for those that will stay close there is no secrecy. His desire is for us to stay in an eternal quest for more of Him. The serpent convinced Eve that God was hiding something from her, that God was selfish and that She didn’t need Him.