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I heard this phrase a couple of times today. Think about it for a minute… It’s an absolute impossibility.

The next degree of involvement some allow God to have is as an insurance agent. They may recognize that The Lord made them and that He is still around but think all He wants is to make sure we get to Heaven where then we’ll begin to know Him. They’ve heard enough to accept His gift of eternity but haven’t grasped the idea that forever includes today, that God’s presence and involvement in their life could be so much more than one prayer and then, “See you in Heaven.”

The fear of my demise Dear Lord
Is not reason to pursue.

The pleasures of eternity
Fall short and empty too.

The Beauty of your face Dear Lord
Your marvelous mystique.

Is where and where alone my Lord
Is everything I seek.

More on Hell

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There is no one in hell wondering why they are there or how did I get here. Part of the self-imposed torment is the eternal memories of the countless opportunities they had to receive Jesus.


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No one is in hell because they are (were) a Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or any other religion. The only people in hell are those that rejected Jesus.