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“We’ve all given up something at one time or another. At first it always feels like a huge sacrifice to give up what we’ve got. To Jesus though, it’s no sacrifice at all. Think about it from His perspective. He comes from heaven, where He has an amazing love relationship with the Father, which, by its nature, is the most beautiful existence any person could have. And He offers that to anybody willing to let go of whatever is giving them a false sense of security. Why would anybody not make that trade? Jesus is basically saying, “Look, none of the stuff you have is going to last, including you. You’ve only got a dime’s worth of life now. Come and trade up, come follow Me, and you can know God.” In that sense, Jesus isn’t requesting a sacrifice at all. He’s asking us to play Bigger and Better, where we give up ourselves and end up with Him.” – Bob Goff, Love Does

The next degree of involvement some allow God to have is as an insurance agent. They may recognize that The Lord made them and that He is still around but think all He wants is to make sure we get to Heaven where then we’ll begin to know Him. They’ve heard enough to accept His gift of eternity but haven’t grasped the idea that forever includes today, that God’s presence and involvement in their life could be so much more than one prayer and then, “See you in Heaven.”

This year’s wonderful Easter celebration is behind us but we get to take its good news with us today and each day hereafter. Christ’s restoration to the Father is our invitation to an intimate relationship that does not need to wait until we get to heaven. Because of what took place on the day He rose we can experience God in every area of our lives. He wants nothing more than to share in each moment of our day and every day.

Incomprehensibility means that God cannot be fully known. This is not to be thought of as God being unknowable. It simply means that we will never exhaust our pursuit of Him. He wants to reveal Himself to us more and more all the time but even when we leave this world there is an eternity of more. He is the eternal prize, the reason to run the race.

All of the earth and all of the heavens were created for us. The first 5 days were all to set the stage for day six. We were not an after thought but the focus of God’s every affection. His only desire for us is that we know Him, not for His benefit but for ours, as He truly is all that we need.

Jesus said, “For indeed the Kingdom of God is within you.” We don’t have to convince people the Kingdom of God could be theirs one day. We can show them that He is here right now.

The fear of my demise Dear Lord
Is not reason to pursue.

The pleasures of eternity
Fall short and empty too.

The Beauty of your face Dear Lord
Your marvelous mystique.

Is where and where alone my Lord
Is everything I seek.

The veil is so very thin

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Why do we picture Heaven as so very far away, something in the distant future? I think most of us would describe Heaven as the place we get to be in the presence of God so what’s keeping us from that right here, right now?

We are created to partake in an intimate, one of a kind relationship with our creator. Being with Him is the entire purpose of our lives. Why do we spend so much time apart from Him or doing things for Him at the expense of being with Him? Why do so many of us put this off until we get to Heaven when we could be with Him right now?

Oh Crap!

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I think each one of us is going to have an, “oh crap!” moment when we first get to heaven. These may even be the tears Jesus wipes away. The reason for our regret is that we will realize how much more of Him we could have experienced here.