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We all experience heartbreak but avoiding it’s even worse. There are two ways to handle a broken heart, one is to deal with it on your own which results in a hardened heart and the other is to give it to God and let Him soften it. Hard hearts break others and tender hearts heal the broken.

Hurt people, hurt people is a far more common expression and unfortunately a truth. But what if we started hearing more about restoration and people being made whole. We have the answer that everyone is looking for. But we have to realize it for ourselves before we can pass it on. Only through intimacy with God can we know and therefore share the cure.

We are all wounded and damaged; we live in an imperfect and all too often cruel world. But that doesn’t have to be our character. God wants us healed and restored to the persons He intended for us to be from the very beginning. He’s more than capable of helping us with this and since it’s what He wants, why does it seem so hard to get there at times?