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People who send death threats to a 5 year old. No He doesn’t! God doesn’t hate anyone in fact quite the opposite is true; He loves us all more than we can possibly imagine. It’s because of this immense love that He hates the things that harm us or keep us apart from Him. This is where some get confused thinking hating is okay. Hating a person or people is never right. Hating something hurtful for them can be if and only if it’s deeply rooted in love. This hate, Godly hate for lack of a better way to put it, should never become further evidence one is unloved or unlovable.

We’re still discussing things we’ll never hear from God and “worry about this” is good one. It may even take many by surprise as so often we think that’s exactly what He wants us to do. Nothing is further from the truth. You see God wants us to trust Him in everything. He’s spent each moment since creation proving His trustworthiness and worrying is what we do when we don’t trust. We over think, fret, imagine untruth, entertain lies and sometimes take matters into our own hands causing harm. What God wants is for us to trust Him enough to give Him our worries. He’s not asking for us to forget what is going on, He’s waiting for us to turn our concerns over to Him, and when our thoughts about them turn fearful or head in an unhealthy direction to give them back to Him. If we will trust and be patient, He will always be true.