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One of the reasons hearing from God is such a difficult topic is that people use the words “God told me” in far more situations than He actually did. The phrase is so overused that it not only clouds the issue but too often closes minds to the possibility. “God told me” can be used to trump almost anything. Often it even contradicts God Himself. You can see how disconcerting this could be. The important thing to keep in mind with this is that though God is unique and wants that kind of relationship with us, He will never violate who He is. You will never hear something from Him that would go against His nature or ask you to violate His Word. So you can see how important knowing Him is.

Did you know it’s possible for the study of the Bible to get in the way of a relationship with God? What? Okay just for the record I totally encourage you to dig deep into God’s word. He’s in there for sure. But there is so much more of Him to know than just what He’s written to us. Scripture is meant to be part of the foundation of our knowing God; it’s not the whole building. Nothing can contain Him; though the depth of scripture is endless it’s still just a drop in the infinite bucket of who He is. It’s easy to bury our nose in the Book thinking that knowing about Him is the same as knowing Him. It’d be like reading everything we can about an athlete or a celebrity and then expecting to be invited over for their Birthday. They might say, “I never knew you”.