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I know that a number of you have been going through some pretty rough times lately. You’re in the middle of something you never thought you would have to face and it’s scary. It is going to get better, hang in and don’t give up. Be sure you don’t try to go it alone, lean in close to the Lord and find someone to help you. Things may not work out exactly as you want them to but you’ve been promised that there will be a day when you’ll look back and understand how you and those around you are better. God loves you so very much. You’re in my prayers.

Understanding the truth we talked about yesterday, that God loves each of us with a perfectly unique love that truly is all we need, is not only the great news that we require. It is the truth that everyone needs. We must share this, not only in word but also in deed.

God is alive and well and He loves you more than you can possibly know. He is present, always near and is actively pursuing you. God wants your best and is completely worthy of your trust.


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God loves you. A smile is contagious and ought to be shared. God’s love for us should put a smile on our face and giving away smiles to others is a way of sharing His love with them. Offer smiles to everyone today and see how many you get back it’s really fun.