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If you were as fortunate as we were to spend yesterday with family, I hope you laughed as much as we did. However if you spent the day alone or in a less than loving environment, I pray the Lord was your comfort and that you were still able to see much to be thankful for. The future is brighter than today. This present challenge will be understood and even appreciated as you look back one day.

My prayer for you is that you’re overwhelmed by God’s goodness today. No matter the circumstances of your life at the moment that you are able to see and appreciate how He has proven His perfect love for you. I pray for you to be reminded with glimpses from the past, an awareness of His closeness in the present and the peace of trusting Him with your future.

Let’s not let the regrets of yesterday and the worry for tomorrow steal the joy from today. This day is a gift from God and it is only in it that we can be in His presence. When we focus on yesterday’s failures we’re setting ourselves up for another day of disappointment. When we’re anxious for tomorrow we miss the opportunities He has for us now creating another day of failing. If we’ll listen, trust, and follow His direction today, we’re able to put the past behind us and trust that He will fulfill His promises for tomorrow. He loves you so much.

It’s okay to ask God what’s next? As long as it’s not at the expense of what’s now? Too often we ask Him, “What do You want me to do with my life?” and don’t ask, “What do You want me to do?” It’s easy to put off what God may be saying for another time but God’s promises for tomorrow don’t get started until we hear and respond to what He is saying for today. His future for us is built on the intimacy we embrace now.

The world grasps for security in the false confidence that they have their future planned and know what tomorrow will bring. When the reality of the unknown hits, anxiousness and fear are natural reactions. Discovering you’re not in control is scary, especially when you conclude that no one is.

Scripture says, “We are more than conquerors”. Then why do so many of us act like victims? Taking our identity from our circumstances whether good or bad puts us in a life of uncertainty. Uncertainty leads to doubt, doubt leads to distrust and distrust leads to disbelief. This is not the future and hope that God has in mind for us.

In the times I feel like I’m not getting what I need or what I want, I get perspective back from the cross. I see Jesus there giving His all to me. How can I be truly be thankful for His ultimate sacrifice and ask for just a little more of whatever it is I think I’m lacking?

So what are some of the implications of knowing how much God loves you? How about never feeling unloved again? Feeling accepted and confident in who you are? Being so secure you don’t have to find the faults in others in order to feel better about yourself? Love, joy, peace…

The amazing life we talked about yesterday is so much better if we share the fantastic news and what it means with others. It is not just for us. We can’t sit in church each week thinking someday we’ll be ready. God’s love and our beautiful eternal life with Him are all this desperate world not only needs but wants.

Christ’s death on the cross proving His perfect love for you along with His resurrection proving His identity and your future really are all you need. If you truly understand the implications of this you can live a life that is amazing to you and to those around you.