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Dialogue is twice as good as a monologue.

We’re completely blown away by the goodness of God. His love is so evident in and through the incredible people He’s surrounded us with, thank you Lord, thank you friends.

God is never more tangible than when we see Him through those that love us.

Isn’t it great to put your head on the pillow at night knowing you gave God your all today? Not necessarily that you accomplished all of your tasks but that you gave your family, your friends and your work, all that you had, you even took care of yourself and trusted Him with everything.


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God is incredible and His love for us so perfect, may we worship Him today like never before. I pray you are able to gather with friends and family and celebrate our marvelous Lord.

A number of times since school started, our thirteen year-old son has come home and told us about someone he talked to that day that didn’t believe in God. Each time we asked how the conversation came up and it was always quite natural. In one of the conversations the person told him that if someone could teach them about and show them God that they would believe. As our son was telling us this he asked will you help me show them?

The other day we were at the pool when a little girl and her dad came in. My wife told her she really liked her bathing suit. We learned her name was Lauren, that she was three years old and that she likes to sing. We continued to get to know Lauren and her dad when another father and daughter joined us. The new girl was around ten years old and before any of the rest of us could greet them, Lauren told her she really liked her bathing suit. Doing unto others…

Having a Word from God confirmed is important especially when it’s a big one, something that affects the lives of others. He is more than happy to let you know for sure. I really like it when he stacks up five or six different things that all point in the same direction so coincidence can be removed. As we’ve said before, The Bible is a great place to seek confirmation. Having trusted friends seek Him on an issue with you is significant too.

Not everything needs to be confirmed before acting. Sometimes unfortunately confirmation comes after ignoring what you heard. I wish I had fewer examples come to mind right here, you may have one too.

Another place that some keep The Lord is “in the family.” Usually in this type of relationship it’s distant family. Someone they know well, maybe Mom and Dad or close friends are near to God so they figure they’re covered too. The sad thing about this relationship is that while those around us can be a blessing and we certainly need the love of family and friends, they are no substitute for the uniquely intimate love that can only come from The Father. Believing in God is not the same as knowing Him.

“That man should be alone.” Thank you Lord for those “comparable helpers” you put in our lives. Your love for us shines most brightly through the love we are given by those you’ve surrounded us with.