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One of the reasons Jesus was killed was because He didn’t come to be our leader en masse.

Connecting with others depends on using our capacity to relate for the enjoyment and enhancement of someone other than ourselves. Paul said that he struggled on behalf of others with the energy of Christ that powerfully worked in him (Col. 1:29). The life of Christ is coming out of me only when I am gladly ruled by a passion to know you, to bless you and to be known by you so that together we can enjoy fellowship with Christ and with each other. – Larry Crab

We were designed to connect with others. Connecting is life. Loneliness is the ultimate horror. In connecting with God, we gain life. In connecting with others, we nourish and experience that life as we freely share it. Rugged individualism, proud independence and chosen isolation violate the nature of our existence as much as trying to breathe under water. – Larry Crabb

God says it is not good to be alone. Being isolated is dangerous. We all need to be surrounded by people we love and people to be loved by. When someone pops into your thoughts today, give them a call or send them a message. We all need to know we are thought of and are not alone.