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The world’s trying to redefine what a friend is; the word is getting watered down so much we’re having a hard time knowing who our friends are. Isolation is the goal under the guise of connectedness. Let’s not be fooled. Thank you friends.

Today’s world is full of interruptions. We take our phones with us everywhere we go constantly checking them for email, text messages and facebook posts. Isn’t the computer supposed to be a time saving device? Yet we sit down for a minute and suddenly two hours have passed. Don’t get me wrong I think today’s technology is great and can be an excellent way for us to interact. In fact I highly recommend reading blogs.

However since we’ve been discovering that God’s desire is for us to be with Him or even “in Him” in all we do, we have to be very careful not to let things be a diversion. I often hear the question, “Why don’t we see more spiritual activity in the US like we do in other parts of the world?” I wonder if the answer is because we are so easily distracted?