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The world needs more people giving us something to think about and less people telling us what to think.

How often is the irritation we feel towards others a result of us having unspoken expectations? Scripture says to freely give just as we freely receive. Both of those are tough. Is it okay to get agitated when we don’t get what we think we deserve? Or even more so is it all right for us to give but then be disturbed when the gift wasn’t appreciated to the degree we believe is appropriate? The closer our relationship with God the more we come to understand that everything belongs to Him and when we no longer assume ownership we can let go of expectations and freely give what we have so wonderfully received.

Comparing us to others is another thing God never does so we’ll never hear Him saying, If you were only more like… God didn’t make us to be the same. In fact the reality is that He made each and every one of us to be different, absolutely unique and one of a kind. So why do we waste so much time comparing ourselves and believing that God wants us to look like those people and think like these people? Is it an excuse for us to keep our distance, to put the blame on His expectations?

turn to God, draw in close, listen and whatever He says, do that? That’s what Jesus always did. There is peace and rest in this approach. We don’t have to meet the expectations others have for us. Their yoke is not easy, God’s is.