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The excitement that’s a result of trusting God can’t be topped. Grasping the reality that we don’t know what tomorrow brings and finding exhilaration instead of worry is an incredible gift. Let’s do this day Lord!

In my mid twenties I bought a 1978 Datsun 280Z. It was British racing green and just beautiful. For weeks I would look out the window to see it sitting in my driveway and think, man, I can’t believe that’s mine. Of course after a few weeks the newness and excitement went away.

For the last nearly eighteen years I’ve got to experience an even more wonderful elation as I look at our children every chance I can. My favorite is when they’re asleep. Every day I think, God, I can’t believe you let me be their dad. This newness and elation only increases as time goes by.

Multiply this by infinity and that’s how God feels about you. It’s okay to feel pretty great about this, you might even say, man, I can’t believe I get to be His.

As I’ve been praying about what to share with you today I find myself giddily (yes that’s really a word) overwhelmed by the goodness of our God. Not the kind of euphoria that comes from a false sense that everything is going perfectly, but completely excited by how marvelous He is even though much around us could definitely use improvement. I don’t know how to describe this feeling but I hope you feel it too.