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CSN sang of helplessly hoping from the empty place inside, but there’s an assured hope guaranteed by the One that can fill the empty place and it’s more than available to everyone. If you feel empty, unloved or rejected there is an answer and if you’ll put the tiniest bit of trust in Jesus he’ll rush to that emptiness and love you like no one else can. He’ll begin to heal your pain and walk through everything with you; you’ll never have to be alone again.

The emptiness that each of us has experienced is there by design, it compels us to pursue its filling. There’s only One that’s able to fill that hole and His name is Jesus. Every alternative’s been tried and will always come up short. Why not let Him make you wholehearted.

Here’s another one you won’t hear from our God. Not only is God not into acting at all He’s also not about conformity or falling into line. It’s true that the closer we get to Him, the more like Him we’ll become but not so that we become just like each other. We are all so unique that even the characteristics we’re told will result from His presence (love, joy, peace…) will not look the same in each of us. God is also not into acting in fact He’s denounced it on many occasions. God is not asking us to replace bad behavior with good behavior, He’s offering us the opportunity to replace emptiness with Himself.

The fear of my demise Dear Lord
Is not reason to pursue.

The pleasures of eternity
Fall short and empty too.

The Beauty of your face Dear Lord
Your marvelous mystique.

Is where and where alone my Lord
Is everything I seek.

We all greatly need to be loved. This is the supreme driving force in our lives, put there by God so that we would seek Him as He is the only one capable of supplying this kind of love. Too often we look for it in other places only to be hurt or disappointed. Then, empty and in need we wound those around us.

Encouraging each other is vital to our well-being but if seeking God is not at the front of our advice for each other then we are doing a disservice. Guidance and counsel are wonderful but apart from God being invited into the heart of the matter they’ll come up empty.

We are all wounded and damaged; we live in an imperfect and all too often cruel world. But that doesn’t have to be our character. God wants us healed and restored to the persons He intended for us to be from the very beginning. He’s more than capable of helping us with this and since it’s what He wants, why does it seem so hard to get there at times?