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The emptiness that each of us has experienced is there by design, it compels us to pursue its filling. There’s only One that’s able to fill that hole and His name is Jesus. Every alternative’s been tried and will always come up short. Why not let Him make you wholehearted.

Here’s another one you won’t hear from our God. Not only is God not into acting at all He’s also not about conformity or falling into line. It’s true that the closer we get to Him, the more like Him we’ll become but not so that we become just like each other. We are all so unique that even the characteristics we’re told will result from His presence (love, joy, peace…) will not look the same in each of us. God is also not into acting in fact He’s denounced it on many occasions. God is not asking us to replace bad behavior with good behavior, He’s offering us the opportunity to replace emptiness with Himself.

Then we can see God’s power working in us and through us. And what will be seen is love. Love is the anti self. I would define love as when you care more about someone than you do yourself. Jesus says love is the first and only commandment that all the law and prophets hang on this one thing. Love by nature is sacrificial. Christ’s example of love was sacrifice. Scripture says we are to die to self. When we come to understand this simple truth the results are astounding. Not only do we join God in changing the world, we are changed into His likeness and the futile pursuit of emptiness is replaced with the peace and fulfillment that only a life with Him can bring.