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I’ve been praying about how to wrap up what we’ve been talking about the past few days and came across this from E. Stanley Jones, I have nothing to add: “Believe and love – put the whole of the Christian faith into simplicity itself. Believe in the kind of God, the kind of man, the kind of life you see in Jesus. Love each other the way He loved, and nothing more is required or necessary. This is It! It needs not to be added to or subtracted from.”

I love this thought from E. Stanley Jones, “We must not be self-contained, we must be Christ-contained. We must depend on Him for our primary refreshment. Then if anything comes from without it is all something thrown in, a plus. Glance at the refreshments from without, gaze at the refreshment in Christ. We must give refreshment to others if we are to keep it in Him.”

Everyone is not in the same place in their relationship with the Lord as you are. To many, what you receive from Him is the only contact they will have today.

E. Stanley Jones once asked Gandhi how Christianity could be more effective in India. Gandhi responded, “First, I would suggest Christians begin to live more like Jesus. Second, practice it without adulterating it or toning it down. Third, emphasize love and make it your working force, for love is central in Christianity…