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If love is the answer (and it certainly is) then trust is the vital result. To put it simply, knowing that you are truly loved births the ability to trust God regardless of the circumstances surrounding you. Love begets trust which leads to security bringing peace and freedom while keeping fear, worry, control, distraction and the need to conform at bay.

Will you recognize the diversions sent to keep you from what God has for you today? If you recognize them, will you still be diverted? Someone is going to need you today, be there for them.

How much of our lives are filled with things that distract us from what’s really essential?

Yesterday we talked about finding or making some time to get away from the noise and distraction in the world around us in order to connect more closely with God, which we know is no easy task. But what might be even more difficult is once we’ve found a time or place that’s quiet around us, to get our minds and thoughts to be still. How can we listen for what God has to say if our quiet time is filled with us speaking to Him? It’s far better to give our thoughts over to Him and listen to what He has to say than to run through a list of what’s on our mind or ask for what we want. It’s certainly okay to take our concerns to the Lord but hearing back is really good too.

Today’s world is full of interruptions. We take our phones with us everywhere we go constantly checking them for email, text messages and facebook posts. Isn’t the computer supposed to be a time saving device? Yet we sit down for a minute and suddenly two hours have passed. Don’t get me wrong I think today’s technology is great and can be an excellent way for us to interact. In fact I highly recommend reading blogs.

However since we’ve been discovering that God’s desire is for us to be with Him or even “in Him” in all we do, we have to be very careful not to let things be a diversion. I often hear the question, “Why don’t we see more spiritual activity in the US like we do in other parts of the world?” I wonder if the answer is because we are so easily distracted?

The world is louder than it has ever been. There’s so much information coming at us each day, voices coming from everywhere, it’s hard to know who to listen to. Even Christian voices can be a distraction. Don’t read this or do that at the expense of being with God today.

There are those that say the word Satan comes from the Hebrew word s’tai, which means to divert away from. Our world is full of diversions. What are the things in our life that will divert us from God today and how can we not let that happen?


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We can be defined by what God says about us or we can be defined by what the world, others or even ourselves say about us. It is our choice. What God says is always true, what the others say might be true sometimes but trying figure out when that is, can drive you crazy and at best it’s a distraction. Choose God’s truth and as we’ve said before don’t even consider the lies.


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Anything that keeps me from being with God right now is a distraction. The most incredible thing is that He wants to be with us all the time. He wants more than anything to be with us in all that we do. No task or moment is too small.