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A great placed to start when listing things you’ll never hear God say is, I don’t like you. Many of us understand that God loves us. We know love to be part of His nature and that probably obligates Him to love us. But does He like you? That’s another matter. He doesn’t have to like you, how He feels about you is His choice. The truth is, absolutely, He likes you. More than that He delights in you. He wants nothing more than to be your best friend and for you to rest in the peace that knowing this can bring. Brennan Manning in his book “The Wisdom of Tenderness” says that true freedom comes from knowing how much God likes you. Peace in this for you today.

The heavens declare your glory Lord. All of creation shouts Your wonder. But nothing displays Your enormity like the perfect unique love You have for each of us, how You delight over every detail.

And that’s how He has thought of you ever since. His love for you has never dimmed, not even at your worst moment did He think one bit less of you. He delights at the thought of you and wants more than anything for you know the depth of His love.