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My wife’s brother has been visiting for the last several days and we’ve really had a great time together. Last night we had to say our farewells and many tears were shed. What particularly touched my heart was how profoundly we are all going to miss him and the depth of feelings our children have for their uncle. It’s pretty incredible to see your children love so deeply and with such passion just as you’ve prayed for them. We love you Rob, come back soon.

I have called you to follow Me on a solitary path, making time alone with Me your highest priority and deepest Joy. It is a pathway largely unappreciated and often despised.

Sarah Young – Jesus Calling

Trust is the foundation of every relationship. We only go really deep with those that have earned our trust. No one has done more to earn our trust than God; in fact He has never failed us. Why then do we hold back so much from Him? We’re willing to cry out in the desperate times but we want to handle the day to day on our own. He wants to be right in the middle of our day to day.