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There is no better way to start our day than to have our first thought be of The Lord. Sometimes “huh?” may be our first thought but from there we can greet Him with something like “Good morning, thank you for last night’s sleep and help me appreciate the gift that today is. Will You please help me walk through this entire day with You and give me reminders that You’re here especially when I start to drift? Use me today Father, let Your love for me and my love for You be so obvious that opportunities to share You will be everywhere. Please give me a taste of how much you love the people we come across today and let me give some of your love to them.” If we have this type of intimate interaction before our head leaves the pillow each day we really are getting a head start on whatever might be in store for us.

Do you remember the best day you and God ever had together? Today could top that if you choose. Or if you can’t think when that was, this could be the day. Right now invite Him to go with you through every moment, ask Him to remind you when you start to drift away and look for His input into every situation you find yourself in. Today can be remarkable if you let it.