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We’ve touched on things you can be certain God is saying to you over the last few days. Now let’s explore some things you can be sure God is never saying. The world comes at you with overwhelming evidence that you’re unloved, alone, not performing up to expectations and any number of other lies that keep you from being who God created you to be. Not only do you have to deal with what comes at you from outside, there’s also a persistent monologue inside your own mind that too often supports the lies. It’s vital that we recognize all of this for what it is.

You can also trust that there is nothing you have to go through alone, even if it’s just a fairly typical day, God is always saying, let’s do this together. From the very beginning this has been His desire. You were created to live life with Him. Good days, bad days, everyday and night He wants to be right there with you. Calling on Him only in the tough times cheats you of so very much.

Here we take another look at the deist’s view of God and how we can connect with them. Reason is a huge part of this outlook on God. The deist has reasoned from his observation of nature that there is a Creator but that He is not involved in what goes on here any longer. This creates a big question for me, “Why did He make us? What was (is) His reason?” And as I have asked this over the years, the only explanation that makes any sense is that He wants to interact with us. Not just through scripture or in tough times but everyday, even in the littlest things. Each of us that know Him have stories to tell that can’t be dismissed and through our experience others get to be introduced to or encouraged to better know God. Motive is a really big deal in understanding the people in the world around us. It’s an even bigger deal in understanding the One that made us.

This is also known as deism. Deists hold that reason and the observation of nature indicate that the universe is a product of the all-powerful creator. They typically reject the supernatural and don’t believe God involves Himself in human affairs. Essentially, their take is that God set the world in motion and is letting it play out however it may. This is also known as the “Clockwork Universe Theory”. You would think that scripture would be a good tool for discussion with deists, especially as it relates to prophecy and historically documented miracles. However it’s the apparent inconsistencies in the writings that have led many deists to their position. Tomorrow we’ll continue looking at the deist point of view and from there to some reasoning ourselves.

We’re made in the image of the Creator. Explore your God given creativity today. Set some time aside with God and ask Him to give you an idea, a picture, a song or maybe a story or something stunning to photograph. There is something beautiful inside you that that we all need you to share with us.

The way you breakup a logjam is with dynamite. The word dynamite comes from the same word the Bible uses to describe God’s power. The fear of not being loved can only be overcome through intimacy with The One who made us. His power alone breaks through all the perceived proof that we are unloved and frees us.

We are created to partake in an intimate, one of a kind relationship with our creator. Being with Him is the entire purpose of our lives. Why do we spend so much time apart from Him or doing things for Him at the expense of being with Him? Why do so many of us put this off until we get to Heaven when we could be with Him right now?