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…that all men are created equal. The key word here is created. Adam and Eve were equal in the garden but it wasn’t until Jesus came that equality was reintroduced to the world. To this day the only places that put any value in equality are those based on His teachings. Freedom, equality and democracy are all intertwined but apart from Christ they will not work. If you want to change the world, you have to do it one heart at a time.

“What’s your next step? I don’t know for sure, because for everyone it’s different, but I bet it involves choosing something that already lights you up. Something you already think is beautiful or lasting and meaningful. Pick something you aren’t just able to do; instead, pick something you feel like you were made to do and then do lots of that. You weren’t just an incredible idea that God never got around to making. The next step happened for the world when God dropped you on the planet. You’re here and I’m here. God decided to have us intersect history, not just at any time, but at this time. He made us to be good at a few things and bad at a couple others. He made us to love some things and not like others. Most of all, He made us to dream. We were meant to dream a lot. We’re not just a cosmic biology experiment that ended up working. We’re part of God’s much bigger plan for the whole world. Just like God’s Son arrived here, so did you. And after Jesus arrived, God whispered to all of humanity…”It’s your move.”” – Bob Goff, Love Does

We’ve touched on things you can be certain God is saying to you over the last few days. Now let’s explore some things you can be sure God is never saying. The world comes at you with overwhelming evidence that you’re unloved, alone, not performing up to expectations and any number of other lies that keep you from being who God created you to be. Not only do you have to deal with what comes at you from outside, there’s also a persistent monologue inside your own mind that too often supports the lies. It’s vital that we recognize all of this for what it is.

You can also trust that there is nothing you have to go through alone, even if it’s just a fairly typical day, God is always saying, let’s do this together. From the very beginning this has been His desire. You were created to live life with Him. Good days, bad days, everyday and night He wants to be right there with you. Calling on Him only in the tough times cheats you of so very much.

I Love You

One thing you can be sure God is always saying is that He loves you. There is nothing more consistent than His love for you. There is nothing deeper than His love for you. And He has no higher purpose than loving you. Too often you think of yourself as a tiny cog in the grand scheme of God’s mysterious plan. Loving you is God’s plan. It has been from the very start. You were not an after thought on day six. You were the reason for everything He created on days one through five.

“You will be like God…” isn’t a bad thing. We are created in His image. The choice that Adam and Eve made that has the world where it is today is that they chose to do it without God. They would pursue being like Him on their own. This is the same choice we are faced with throughout our days, are we going it on our own or with Him?

All of the earth and all of the heavens were created for us. The first 5 days were all to set the stage for day six. We were not an after thought but the focus of God’s every affection. His only desire for us is that we know Him, not for His benefit but for ours, as He truly is all that we need.