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I trust you Lord, help my mistrust. Only you are constantly trustworthy Lord. When I put my trust  elsewhere I’m faced with heartache and disappointment, when I rest in your perfect love I’m filled with peace and contentment. This day belongs to you, I trust it will be amazing.

Our oldest son is a senior in high school this year; he and some of his friends have been asking some great questions lately. No longer are they content to just follow along in mom and dad’s footsteps. It’s time for them ask the tough questions for themselves. God loves our questions, there isn’t one that He’s afraid of and we needn’t be either.  It’s a wonderful thing to see these young people forging their own relationship.

In the times I feel like I’m not getting what I need or what I want, I get perspective back from the cross. I see Jesus there giving His all to me. How can I be truly be thankful for His ultimate sacrifice and ask for just a little more of whatever it is I think I’m lacking?