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Have you heard the phrase; he/she marches to the beat of a different drummer? It’s meant as a backhanded compliment indicating that she/he is not like us.

I don’t think the kind of community, the kind of connections God wants us to have should be based on finding people just like us and building walls to keep the others out.

God’s the drummer and He has a different beat for each of us.

The connection, the one of a kind relationship and unconditional love that we all desperately crave, can only be found through an intimate relationship with our God, our Creator, our Heavenly Father. It’s out of the abundance of this union that we are able to be a portion of His love to those around us. The beauty of these relationships is deeper and richer than we could’ve hoped for before realizing how God truly feels about us. We can’t help but want those near us to know and experience what we’ve found. We can be the evidence that stands staunchly against the lies that we’re all confronted with each day. We can be the kind of friends and family that we only dreamed we could find.

Our son Max played a song for me yesterday by Ray LaMontagne. It’s about being the kind of friend I so very much want to be and am so thankful to have. The song’s called Let it be Me and I hope you can hear it by clicking here.

Aseity is a fancy way of saying that God does not need us. Acts 17:25 indicates this and of course logically what kind of a God would He be if He had need. But what’s most important and oh so marvelous is what God wants. He wants us! He wants a personal one on one relationship with you and with me, the kind of bond that can’t be separated, the kind of connection that no matter what is going on we go through it together.

Formulas have a way of becoming religion. Systems can become ruts. Methods replace relationship. Our life, our unique one of a kind existence requires a connection to God that can’t be fulfilled if we leave Him out. Others experiences can help but only He has the answer just right for you.