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The best things in life are people and the best people are free, truly free. Too often, especially in religious circles (now there’s an interesting term) we become folks who have traded one set of chains for another. We try to conform to other’s ideas of who we should be, how we should act and what we should think at the expense of being real, being ourselves. How can we realize God’s unique love for us when we’re following the crowd?

“… you’re nuts but you’re welcome here.”
― Steve Martin

One of the most attractive things about another person is them liking you. We all want to be accepted and included but in order for it to be genuine it has to be for who we really are. The kind of acceptance we settle for far too often is approval that’s born out of conformity. Be yourself.

More from and on Bob Goff’s “Love Does”:

“I used to think I had to act a certain way to follow God, but now I know God doesn’t want us to be typical.”

The more we force ourselves to fit the mold, the more we deny the incredible uniqueness of God Himself. He made us in His image, unique and one of a kind, in order that His love for each of us would be like no other. It’s the only love that truly is enough.

There was a lady dancing in the plaza today with a beautiful flowered dress, a matching hat and a pair of Crocs that completed her outfit. She was dancing alone to the music of a Texas Swing Band and it’s quite possible that she was the freest person I’ve ever seen. She was thoroughly enjoying herself, the music, and the beauty of the day. She seemed as comfortable as she could be in who she is.

I want to be like her. I wish we could all be completely at home in who God made us to be. There are changes involved as we get closer to God but He is not asking us to become someone else or to conform to what others say we should be. It’s very possible the person God wants us to be is quite different from others and isn’t afraid of who they are.