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Last night we celebrated my Dad’s birthday. He would have been 81 this year. Mom brought a picture of him and showed it to a few people as she was telling them what we were doing. It’s a tradition we’ve loved for the last eight years. I especially like that it communicates honor for him to our children particularly our daughter who was only six months old when he died. The kids brought the picture home and were once again reminded they have a wonderful Grandpa. (or three)

“Rather than spending time wondering why I don’t hear audible voices. I just try to listen harder with my heart, and I’ve realized a couple things that seem kind of obvious now. God doesn’t talk to me in an audible voice because God isn’t a human being; He’s God. That makes sense to me, because human beings are limited and God isn’t limited at all. He can communicate to us in any way He wants to anytime He wants to. Through flowers, other people, an uncomfortable sense, a feeling of joy, goose bumps, a newfound talent, or an appreciation we acquire over time. It doesn’t need to be a big mystical thing.” – Bob Goff, Love Does