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As followers of God, sin no longer separates us from Him but clouds us from Him for the moment. We get to choose how long the moment is. We need to turn back to Him immediately not take our punishment into our own hands and prolong the cloudiness. This only causes us to feel more unloved which leads to more clouds.

“For this the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.” There is no sin that we have to commit. With Jesus there is always a way out, it’s our choice. Are we going to choose self, what we think we want or need or are we going to choose God? The choice is usually much clearer than we like to believe.

Here’s a chance to do something with God; Pick a scripture to memorize or recommit one you already know and pray. Watch God bring someone your way that needs that very scripture. It will be exactly what they needed to hear from Him for just their situation. They’ll be touched by The Lord through you and think you know the Bible by heart.