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The worst mistake anyone can make is to perceive anyone else as lesser. – Andrew Solomon

Jesus said, “If I honor Myself, My honor is nothing.”

Why is one of Christianity’s most conspicuous characteristics superiority?

All the heroes in the Bible were characters. That’s not to say they weren’t real but that they didn’t fit in, they were different. They didn’t fall in with the norms of society and religion and the results of their lives were supernatural. The one thing they all had in common was having heard from God and eventually mustering the courage to step out and do what He said. Most of these characters’s weirdness had its roots in an intimate, one of a kind relationship with God.

This unique relationship is available to all of us today; in fact God wants nothing more. Why then is so much of today’s Christianity about conformity and imitation? Why are our churches gathering places for those that are just like us? Why have the outliers, those with legitimate questions been marginalized? How has “my way or the highway” become so prevalent?

God’s doing something new and it doesn’t look or operate the way it always has. He’s moving in the lives of people that have been rejected by religion and conventionality and drawing close those that will reach out and truly love those that are different. He’s using people that don’t have all the answers but are not afraid of the questions. There’s an uprising underway, seek Him with all your heart to see what your distinctive role will be.

I can’t speak to Rich Mullin’s point in his address to the folks at Wheaton College  as I haven’t read the whole text but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t saying that selling everything is better than being born again. The reason I shared this story yesterday was to encourage you to hear from Jesus yourself. Seek Him for the answers to your what should I do questions and do it. If He says sell everything, do it. If He says to be reborn or put your past behind you, do it. Don’t get caught up in religious formulas or one size fits all Christianity. The relationship He wants with you is unique.

E. Stanley Jones once asked Gandhi how Christianity could be more effective in India. Gandhi responded, “First, I would suggest Christians begin to live more like Jesus. Second, practice it without adulterating it or toning it down. Third, emphasize love and make it your working force, for love is central in Christianity…