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Your life is brilliant; shining in places you are completely unaware. The people you so beautifully care for pass your love along to others you don’t even know. Your selflessness is renowned and speaks to the world around that Jesus is real, that you know Him and that they can too. You welcome those that are unwelcome, you love the unloved and you are not afraid of those different than you or of their problems. Thank you! It’s an honor to call you dear friend.

Life’s a mess and I hate that, I’d rather have everything all tidy and in its place, have things happen when I think they should and never feel pain. But that’s not the world we live in and pretending it is only makes things worse. I’m so very thankful God’s at work cleaning up my mess and from His view it’s a beautiful thing.

The sun will rise, the sun will set and we’ll take much of what’s in-between for granted too.


The sunrise will be spectacular, one like never before, the beginning of a completely new day full of once in a lifetime opportunities. We’ll look for ways to share the specialness of the gift this day is with people God sends our way and we’ll be amazed by the completely unique sunset that once again reveals how incredibly much God loves us.

All of creation shouts His magnificence! What beauty we are surrounded by, the hills, the trees, the mountains, the deserts, the clouds, the stars, oceans, lakes, wildlife, flowers and fields but the most beautiful of all are the people He has surrounded us with. Oh, He loves us so.

“I was afraid because I was naked.” We needn’t fear God seeing our weaknesses. Our bad decisions and selfish actions never take Him by surprise. His love for us is always total and unconditional and His way is to use them to draw us closer. That’s why we call Him Redeemer; He takes our garbage and turns it into something beautiful.