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I wonder if the tears The Lord wipes away in Heaven are the result of us realizing how much more of Him we could have known while we were here? Jesus’ primary message was that the Kingdom of God is at hand. Let’s apprehend as much of Him now so we can be that much closer when we greet Him with our sin removed in Heaven.

If we allow God’s perfect one of a kind love for us to take it’s rightful place in our hearts, we no longer have to strive to find love or approval in places that always leave us empty. We will no longer believe the lies that we are unloved and rejected because we know the truth that we are perfectly and uniquely loved and out of the abundance of that love we can share it with others.

When we are able to realize God’s perfect and unique love for us we no longer have to operate in fear and insecurity. Our refuge could not be more concrete. He really, really, really is enough so we don’t have to go looking for what we already have. We rest in this, not strive for it but it is something we need to continually apprehend through intimacy with Him.