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All the heroes in the Bible were characters. That’s not to say they weren’t real but that they didn’t fit in, they were different. They didn’t fall in with the norms of society and religion and the results of their lives were supernatural. The one thing they all had in common was having heard from God and eventually mustering the courage to step out and do what He said. Most of these characters’s weirdness had its roots in an intimate, one of a kind relationship with God.

This unique relationship is available to all of us today; in fact God wants nothing more. Why then is so much of today’s Christianity about conformity and imitation? Why are our churches gathering places for those that are just like us? Why have the outliers, those with legitimate questions been marginalized? How has “my way or the highway” become so prevalent?

God’s doing something new and it doesn’t look or operate the way it always has. He’s moving in the lives of people that have been rejected by religion and conventionality and drawing close those that will reach out and truly love those that are different. He’s using people that don’t have all the answers but are not afraid of the questions. There’s an uprising underway, seek Him with all your heart to see what your distinctive role will be.

Our oldest son is a senior in high school this year; he and some of his friends have been asking some great questions lately. No longer are they content to just follow along in mom and dad’s footsteps. It’s time for them ask the tough questions for themselves. God loves our questions, there isn’t one that He’s afraid of and we needn’t be either.  It’s a wonderful thing to see these young people forging their own relationship.

This aspect of our relationship with God is the one I’m most often asked about. “Can we really hear from Him? Or how do you know when you’re hearing from God?” are questions I get often. The short answers are yes and it takes time and commitment. Let’s dig into this a little deeper over the next couple of days as it is such an important aspect of what we have been discussing. If an intimate relationship is what God wants with and for us then like any other, communication is vital. If we are going to be led by Him how will He give direction?

Or the law of succinctness is the principal that says when confronted with competing theories, it’s best to choose the one with the fewest assumptions. In other words the simpler the answer the better, this is also known as Occam’s Razor. It has always seemed odd to me that this line of thinking gets used to deny there’s a God. Doesn’t the existence of God answer way more questions than not? The very idea that God doesn’t exist creates many more holes for me not to mention the myriad of assumptions you’d have to make.

This argument against the existence of God is based on the idea that since there are so many people that claim conflicting revelations God, they all must be wrong. In other words, maybe it’s best to reject them all rather than choose the wrong one. Aren’t there numerous possible answers to any question yet still just one that’s correct? Maybe the solution to this problem is in whom you seek the answer from? Ultimately the question is “God, are you there for me?” or “Will you please reveal Yourself to me?” Though it is important to seek answers from people we trust, in the end God has to make Himself known. It doesn’t matter where you start, if you are truly seeking to know the One that made you, He will show Himself.