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One of the most radical things about Jesus, the thing that really set the religious folks off was His interpretation of scripture. Man had twisted The Word to fit his own agenda and Jesus came to set things straight, after all it’s His Word. It’s a shame history repeats itself. Fortunately the simplicity of Christ’s teaching can be as clear today if we’ll trust in Him. Don’t let religion complicate.

Scripture tells us that when we show compassion to those around us that are in need or are hurting it’s as if we cared for Jesus Himself. Today will be filled with opportunities for us to love the Lord through the kindness we pour out on others. Let’s be generous, empathetic and patient. Nothing speaks louder than when people see us put aside our needs, wants and agendas to focus on theirs.

If the world senses that we are only trying to fulfill our agenda or meet our goals, we will not be attractive. There is nothing different about us then. If they feel that we are merely trying to rack up points in order to please our God then neither we nor The Lord looks worthwhile. Putting ourselves aside, real sacrifice is what sets us apart and will open their hearts.