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Unique, matchless, incomparable, one and only or incapable of being imitated, very much an attribute or characteristic of Jesus. Yet far too often we’re taught to “act like Jesus”. Certainly the world needs more of Him but does it need more people pretending to be like Him? What’s truly called for is more of the actual Jesus living in and working through us. That’s what He promises to do if we’ll let Him. All that’s required is saying yes, not once but always.

One of the words I’ve used most often here is more. The reason is, I think we each truly desire more. It’s not always clear more what, but the answer is more God. Unfortunately our pursuit too often leads to more religion, more or better performance and any number of other forms of bondage that rather than help us to experience more of Him in our lives they appease us.


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It doesn’t matter what you say, it doesn’t matter how you act, what matters is who you are.

God’s not asking for us to change the way we act, he has so much more for us than that. He wants to heal our broken hearts, comfort us in difficult times, rejoice with us in good times and be our constant companion. He wants us to not only know but to experience the power of His perfect love for us. He wants His unique love for each of us to wipe away our insecurities and fill us to the point that we’re gushing over, pouring Him on those He puts around us.

More from and on Bob Goff’s “Love Does”:

“I used to think I had to act a certain way to follow God, but now I know God doesn’t want us to be typical.”

The more we force ourselves to fit the mold, the more we deny the incredible uniqueness of God Himself. He made us in His image, unique and one of a kind, in order that His love for each of us would be like no other. It’s the only love that truly is enough.

Here’s another one you won’t hear from our God. Not only is God not into acting at all He’s also not about conformity or falling into line. It’s true that the closer we get to Him, the more like Him we’ll become but not so that we become just like each other. We are all so unique that even the characteristics we’re told will result from His presence (love, joy, peace…) will not look the same in each of us. God is also not into acting in fact He’s denounced it on many occasions. God is not asking us to replace bad behavior with good behavior, He’s offering us the opportunity to replace emptiness with Himself.

I was reading in the book of Romans on a Kindle recently, it was the New King James Version, when I came across a section title that read “Behave Like a Christian”. Now section titles are not scripture, they’ve been put there by the publisher or commentator to help us know what a particular group of verses are about. The sad thing is that everyone is not aware of this. People will read this and believe that the Bible says we are to behave like Christians and then respond by trying to act the right way, performing to meet some religious criteria. This misrepresents who God wants to be in our lives.