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Nothing says I care for you better than time. Words certainly can be encouraging, gifts can show you’ve been thinking about someone but who or what you really love will be where your time is given. Time is undoubtedly a most precious commodity and it’s easy to see how those who are unsure would be stingy with it. But for those in an intimate relationship with God, time is in abundance. We have forever. So who shall we share ourselves with today? Who comes to mind that could really use a call or a visit? Who near to us do we assume knows how much we care? We’ve been given so much, let’s give some back.

Some people are harder to love, they need it the most. Loving those that love you is easy but loving those that can’t or don’t love you back is a more magnificent thing. We can’t love in order to get it back, that’s not love at all. We love because we already are perfectly loved by God and out of the abundance of His love we can reach out to those that make it hard.

Too often this question gets in the way of us actually doing what God has asked of us. By adding the “with my life”, we send the question somewhere out into the future instead of doing what He’s asked today. What God wants you to do today is love Him, take Him along in everything you do and out of the abundance of that; love the people around you well. Start right now.