A return to kindness

Posted: January 30, 2017 in Uncategorized

I’m with Allie, choosing kindness…

Adventure and Wonder

wp-1464025694774.jpgThis is not a political post. 

Still with me?

Kids do it.
Jayhawks do it.
Republicans and Democrats do it.

They choose to be kind.
Each day people we like or may not appreciate at all choose kindness in the face of opposition
and exhaustion.

Kindness is a reasonable schtick to these people; it serves them for the long haul.

Want to be known for something? Let it include kindness:

SuperKind Genius
Kind-hearted taxi driver
Friend who is frank and also purposefully kind
Beanwater Barista with a flair for kindness
Customer who chooses kindness over impatience
Person with whom ____ cannot agree and is kind

If a three-year-old kid with sand caked in every piece of clothing at the end of a beach day can be kind, we all have a shot at it. We’ve seen these little miracles work before.

It is too easy to…

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