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Please keep in mind that I am merely offering an opinion here, one intended to spur you to thought. This is the case with everything you read at The Better Thing.

Religion is man’s contrived, organized attempt to make himself right with God. We should know better as Jesus taught extensively against this, yet still… One of the things that go hand in hand with this attempt by man to control God is for man to control others. While this in no way further endears us, somehow we think the more people we can get to buy into our system the more pleased we’ll make Him.

  1. I think its possible that the psychological effect of trying to be right with God usually ends up in the attempt to please those around us that we deem as more spiritual than ourselves. If “they” are more godly, then I need to mimic them to be right with God. Unfortunately, in my own experiences, it seems that unmet spiritual desire creates all kinds of violence in us which feeds religion.

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