The Problem with the Theology of Blessings

Posted: December 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Is that it couldn’t be more wrong.

  1. Todd O'Heron says:

    Coincidentally I was just reading Job 36 last night and came to the conclusion that Elihu was the inventor of the Prosperity Gospel! Job 36:11

  2. Julie DuMond says:

    Thank you, Jesus! someone sent me a quote right before your blog yesterday. It was from someone who said if you are not in good standing with the Lord – he won’t answer or hear your prayers. I have heard this before…..I understand we should keep a “short list with God” but not hearing our prayers…..not my God. 🙂
    And I am thankful. He has poured out blessings upon me when i was not even walking with him…but in the ditch so to say. Should of been killed by an 18 wheeler while driving my 67 VW bug- BUT GOD! Didn’t even have to go to the hospital. OUR GOD IS GOOD…

  3. This is a great statement…..along with this also is talking about “having favor”. It’s just another version of the Theology of Blessings.

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