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When we really follow Jesus, we shouldn’t be surprised when most folks think we’re weird and we’re faced with opposition.


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Jesus didn’t bring the good news, He is the good news.

The secret to living a Jesus centered life is having Jesus at the center of your life. Okay so there isn’t a secret. Again, “the matter is quite simple, the Bible is very easy to understand…” – Soren Kierkegaard

One of the most radical things about Jesus, the thing that really set the religious folks off was His interpretation of scripture. Man had twisted The Word to fit his own agenda and Jesus came to set things straight, after all it’s His Word. It’s a shame history repeats itself. Fortunately the simplicity of Christ’s teaching can be as clear today if we’ll trust in Him. Don’t let religion complicate.

I came across this term today and love what it communicates. J. Rufus Moseley used the word firsthander to describe himself since many in his day labeled him a mystic (an effective way to invalidate the intimacy he encouraged others to seek with The Lord). While the strategy may have been successful among much of “orthodoxy”, it doesn’t hinder those that discover you can have a firsthand, one of a kind relationship with your creator. In fact isn’t that exactly what Jesus taught?

Those chains you’ve been carrying around forever are so familiar they seem like part of you. They’re not! Let ‘em go you’ll be amazed.

And relax today. No need to read further but if you must; I’m not sure what was up with this past week but it sure seemed like everyone I talked to was nearly overwhelmed. A great way to deal with immense busyness is to take a break, step back and unwind. Sometimes a perspective change puts everything back in order.


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We had the privilege of spending the evening at the wedding of some new friends and the folks who have known them for years and years could not say enough kind things about each of them. They honored them immensely. It’s always such a joy to be around people that truly appreciate each other. Your family and friends say the same kind of things about you.

Just when darkness seems to have its way, God’s brilliance bursts through. Time after time He proves His love in His attention to the details of our lives. It’s not in the blanket blessings that fall on us all where intimacy is realized; it’s when we become aware of how much He desires to be a part of every little moment. God’s love for you is absolutely unique as He has never loved someone in the same way He loves you. Look for Him to continually prove it.

“… you’re nuts but you’re welcome here.”
― Steve Martin

One of the most attractive things about another person is them liking you. We all want to be accepted and included but in order for it to be genuine it has to be for who we really are. The kind of acceptance we settle for far too often is approval that’s born out of conformity. Be yourself.