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The sun is always shining somewhere. Clouds come and go, sometimes they are so dark and dense it feels like they’ll never leave, but they will. Knowing the Son is there no matter the storm, gets us through.

Having to be right is deeply rooted in insecurity. When you’re sure, it’s not important that everyone knows you’re correct.

I’ve known two kinds of Christians, those that love and those that love to be right.

How long does it take before God’s work is complete in us?

Transformation is a lifelong process. Being skeptical is natural, trusting is supernatural.


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It doesn’t matter what you say, it doesn’t matter how you act, what matters is who you are.

How much of our lives are filled with things that distract us from what’s really essential?

We certainly want to be telling folks about God’s love but if we’re not also showing them this love, chances are they won’t believe what we’re saying. When people know you care their hearts soften to what you have to say.

I trust you Lord, help my mistrust. Only you are constantly trustworthy Lord. When I put my trust  elsewhere I’m faced with heartache and disappointment, when I rest in your perfect love I’m filled with peace and contentment. This day belongs to you, I trust it will be amazing.

I recently read Paul Young’s new book Cross Roads and really enjoyed it. This is his first book since The Shack and is also a work of fiction filled with thought and discussion provoking concepts. I’d love to hear your thoughts after reading it.