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Nothing says I care for you better than time. Words certainly can be encouraging, gifts can show you’ve been thinking about someone but who or what you really love will be where your time is given. Time is undoubtedly a most precious commodity and it’s easy to see how those who are unsure would be stingy with it. But for those in an intimate relationship with God, time is in abundance. We have forever. So who shall we share ourselves with today? Who comes to mind that could really use a call or a visit? Who near to us do we assume knows how much we care? We’ve been given so much, let’s give some back.

As we grow in intimacy with God we learn to be ready to hear from Him at any time. He will seldom lay out the schedule for us. We have to be ready and willing to make changes in order to be used by Him. The adjustments will almost always involve people. God is way less concerned with tasks, plans and programs than He is with people. His heart is always for us and we need to forever keep that in mind. We want to look at every encounter with the folks around us as an opportunity to help them get a little closer to God. Let’s keep our hearts and eyes open to those things that seem like interruptions so we don’t miss the chance to join God in touching someone.

We’ve spent the last few weeks talking about hearing from God. We’ve explored the possibility, looked at how the concept has been misused and then concluded that it wouldn’t make sense for us to have a God that desires a personal relationship with us if He was unwilling to speak with us. We’ve touched on a number of things we can be sure we’re hearing from Him and even looked at some we can be sure are not being said by Him. The only thing left to do is listening. Let’s set some time aside today to quiet our minds, boot out those things we know are a distraction and see what we might hear from Him. He has things to share with you today.

This is never God’s heart towards you. No matter what you have done He wants nothing more than to meet you with compassion, mercy and love. He knows that if you will allow Him He can take whatever you are in the middle of and turn it into something wonderful. Don’t isolate yourself out of guilt or shame, it is not for you to decide what your punishment should be and separation from the Lord is certainly not the answer. Run to Him, He has just what you need.

We touched on this yesterday it’s another of the things you won’t hear from God. He has no needs and to think that He wouldn’t be able to accomplish His plans without us is silly at best. What you will hear from Him if you are willing to listen is: I want this for you. He has so much for each of us. It will include being used by Him to accomplish much but that can’t take place unless we do it together with Him. You won’t get an assignment from Him and then be sent off on your own to make it happen.

Somehow, “You may not” has become God’s most famous misquote. Since the Garden of Eden when, “You may eat of every tree…” got twisted, God has far too often been thought of as a stingy, joyless authoritarian Who doesn’t want us to have any fun. Nothing is further from the truth. All of creation is His gift to us, made for our pleasure and enjoyment. He wants to withhold nothing from us save that which is harmful or that we are not ready for. True joy can only be found in Him and He has graciously offered to share His authority with us. First by giving us choice and second by allowing us to live in His presence, being guided and instructed by Him moment by moment. What He wants for us far exceeds what we want for ourselves.

This one touches on the same topic as yesterday, comparison. Maybe at times we use comparison as an excuse to keep our distance from God but as we said before this isn’t coming from Him. He wants us to be different. He wants us to celebrate our uniqueness. Unfortunately we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others as a means of finding our worth. We look for the flaws in those around us in order to make ourselves feel better about our own. The good news is that’s not how God looks at us at all. He sees all of the good in us and isn’t afraid of the things that aren’t there yet. He thinks the very best of us at all times without comparison. So instead of saying Yes, you’re better. He saying, ” You’re so special, just the way I made you, you’re completely one of a kind and I couldn’t love you more. Find your worth in Me and stop looking for it elsewhere.”

Comparing us to others is another thing God never does so we’ll never hear Him saying, If you were only more like… God didn’t make us to be the same. In fact the reality is that He made each and every one of us to be different, absolutely unique and one of a kind. So why do we waste so much time comparing ourselves and believing that God wants us to look like those people and think like these people? Is it an excuse for us to keep our distance, to put the blame on His expectations?

We’re still discussing things we’ll never hear from God and “worry about this” is good one. It may even take many by surprise as so often we think that’s exactly what He wants us to do. Nothing is further from the truth. You see God wants us to trust Him in everything. He’s spent each moment since creation proving His trustworthiness and worrying is what we do when we don’t trust. We over think, fret, imagine untruth, entertain lies and sometimes take matters into our own hands causing harm. What God wants is for us to trust Him enough to give Him our worries. He’s not asking for us to forget what is going on, He’s waiting for us to turn our concerns over to Him, and when our thoughts about them turn fearful or head in an unhealthy direction to give them back to Him. If we will trust and be patient, He will always be true.

God is infinitely patient and wants nothing more than an eternity with you, so you won’t ever hear Him say, sorry too late. He will wait to the very last micro second to meet you or help you out of a jam. The time may come when it actually is too late but it won’t be because He quit.