Now maybe we’re hearing from God so the next thing to keep in mind is to always check ourselves. That list from Galatians that we mentioned a few days ago? Well, we need to make sure that’s who we are too. A Word from God will never be self-serving. We should examine our motives all the time. We should ask ourselves questions like: “Am I just hearing what I want to hear? Is this what’s best for everyone or just me? Is that really you God? Questions are always good. God loves them.

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Thanks for the post, Just to add to that, I have found it good to see if the word I think God is telling me violates His word in the bible, or violates His principles in the bible. The blessed thing is that God intends on communicating with us, He’s giving us His Holy Spirit and a new nature to follow and know Him. I have found that if my highest motive is love for God above love for myself and all others, His word to me comes through a lot clearer.

    Blessings to you.

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