Love is always personal. We’re not called to love people; we’re called to love persons. It’s much easier to love this group or that nation without really getting into the mess that we are as individuals. When we disregard the uniqueness of individuals and diminish them by lumping them into one big pot, we miss the opportunity to share how special they are to The Father. It’s one thing to vote for this issue or contribute to that cause but it’s a God thing to get into the muck with someone and see them through to Him.

  1. Chad says:

    Love It!!!!! So beautifully true!!!

  2. lark says:

    good morning jim. what a delight it is to add your “better thing” to my morning routine! today’s message you shared is so true and really hit home for me. your gentle spirit & kindness is an example of how to love others well, one person at a time. thanks for sharing with us. may the Lord continue to bless and lead you & your precious family.

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