I Got This

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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How much of our lives have we really turned over to God? Have we compartmentalized our days or weeks into areas that belong to Him and other areas that we handle on our own? Do we really believe that He cares about the little details of our lives or do we think there are areas He doesn’t want to be bothered with? Maybe we suppose we’re better at some things than He is? Or could it be that God’s timing isn’t quick enough for us?

  1. daveraker says:

    I keep thinking I am walking with God only to be continually reminded that I am not!

  2. Julie Dumond says:

    It’s definitely a trust issue with me and a timing issue. I fall short most of the time. NEVERTHELESS- I continue to confess and remember this life of walking in Christ is a life time thing and He is perfect- I am still so much flesh…And he loves me anyway!

  3. Julie Dumond says:

    Dave, we are all right there with you!..

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