Another area that we have a lot of trouble trusting God with is that He’s at work in those around us too. Why are we so quick to anger over other’s shortcomings? Why are we intolerant of those that are different than we are? Why are other people’s sins so much easier to talk about? Do we think the best of everyone first? Do we try to understand what might be going on in someone’s life before making a judgment based on what we are seeing in a particular moment or even season? Does doing these things make us feel better about ourselves or maybe even deflect attention from what might need to change in us?

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    That is a thought provoker Jim. If I may be so bold, I would like to ask our group tomorrow their views using your text.
    That aside, on a personal level it is too easy to rush into judgements. Part of acceptance is realising others are at different points on their journey with God. One of the most wholesome feelings for a man is not to judge, but to wait. Give the other fellow a bit of leeway to show you. It is hard and I still rush to judge at times, though far less than of old.
    My dear wife is Anglo Indian, from a large family with Jewry and Hindu amongst their number. When they do journey into the boonies to visit they have all said they were surprised at our groups welcome and acceptance.
    I learned as a soldier it is too easy to see fault, even in the “enemy”. Fact is you were, as the youngsters are now, conditioned to hate. My grandfather had two neighbours, one had worked during the 1926 General Strike, the other a striker. these fellows even ignored each other in chapel. They went to their respective graves hating, a whole lifetime.

    We can accept others, if they are seen to accept us then it is easier. Folk look upon us with dread, it tends to be other Christians who accept us, as we them.
    I find one of the secrets is to judge by actions. Do unto others as you would have done to you.



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