The best place to start when seeking less self is trust. A close examination of the things in our life that cause the most difficulty will usually reveal an area that we don’t really trust God in and when we don’t trust Him we feel it necessary to meet that need ourselves. For example, if we don’t trust that God’s love for us is enough we resort to all kinds of ways to either attain love from others, manipulate those around us or convince ourselves and others that we don’t need love.

  1. chris and jodie says:

    Self is the inroad for satan in our lives. James 3:16 says that ” for where there is envy or selfish ambition there is confusion and every evil work.” It says that every evil work not just a little will be found when we make selfish choices. In a nutshell this is the truth that God revealed to me when I cried out the question why was I in this place of desperation. Now when I see the results of evil work in peoples lives it is not because of God’s choice but theirs. We have natural laws of gravity for instance but with force and propulsion we can overcome this law that binds or limits us. So likewise there are spiritual laws that will overcome these things that we have sown in our lives. But first we must deal with self which is the inroad to sickness, poverty, depression, etc. I believe Jesus had to deal with self which was his soul and body, his natural mind and emotions. I believe this was a much more difficult choice than dying on the cross, the choice to do his fathers will and not his own. Romans 12:1-2

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