I think we’ve pretty well established that there is much more God for us to know, love and be loved by. But in order for us to have room for more of Him there needs to be less of us. How much of the frustration, difficulty, dissatisfaction and aggravation we carry around each day is the result of self? How much time, effort and energy is spent trying to satisfy our own perceived needs? How often do our insecurities keep us from what we know God has for us? The answer for me is, most.

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    It is indeed a struggle for all of us. Having lost so much, and nearly lost one so dear in the past year my dog of fourteen has now left me. A working collie, loved beyond measure, my constant companion. Yesterday I picked myself up, or rather God did. I buried the old fella in his favourite spot beneath a birch tree in the meadow he loved.
    I just came in and read this Jim, realised I have been self absorbed for the past week. It is indeed easy to follow this path if we are not careful. Not to see life on earth for what it is, a mere drop in the ocean compared to His grand scheme.
    There will be, as there has for many years, another dog. It is my daughters birthday, we are celebrating also she has a new job. My son in law is leaving the air force to go and read maths at Cambridge University. My wife continues to get better. My grand daughter thrives and grows amid life’s chaos, smiling at everything.

    Aye, those are sage words young man. Thank you.

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