Did you know it’s possible for the study of the Bible to get in the way of a relationship with God? What? Okay just for the record I totally encourage you to dig deep into God’s word. He’s in there for sure. But there is so much more of Him to know than just what He’s written to us. Scripture is meant to be part of the foundation of our knowing God; it’s not the whole building. Nothing can contain Him; though the depth of scripture is endless it’s still just a drop in the infinite bucket of who He is. It’s easy to bury our nose in the Book thinking that knowing about Him is the same as knowing Him. It’d be like reading everything we can about an athlete or a celebrity and then expecting to be invited over for their Birthday. They might say, “I never knew you”.

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    Excellent post Jim. You know my passion for history has shown me one thing, The Book is the most misunderstood thing on earth. It is to feel God in everything that is important, His being, His love and His wisdom.
    The Book is the most wonderful of all books, but apply “scholars” to its study and you have a recipe for misery, some which has led to loss of life, war and suffering. I was reading a Hasidic rabbis interpretation of the New Testament the other day. He tells everyone that Jesus was not Gods son, that He did not “fit” scripture. In fact he states Jesus was a fraud making claims that were not true. Well, I read, I dare say the fellow believes this as will millions of Hasid’s and others.
    What troubled me more was his flat rejection of the New Testament over Old. Almost a cherry picking of scripture to disprove the very basis of Christianity.

    Well, I resisted my urge to write a damning response. Reminded myself that scripture is a guide and that Gods love over rides all other things. In fact God will understand this man, because god loves us all. I then smiled inwardly, for I know the truth, it has always been with me. It is with me always.
    Yes you are right, it is a foundation, and a drop in the infinite bucket

    • Thank you so much John. I love His Word so much but have seen it used for manipulation and control way too often. Its mystery is exploited at the expense of Its simplicity.

  2. Kim says:

    This is one of my biggest fears. I know about God. The relationship part is what seems to elude.

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