Today’s world is full of interruptions. We take our phones with us everywhere we go constantly checking them for email, text messages and facebook posts. Isn’t the computer supposed to be a time saving device? Yet we sit down for a minute and suddenly two hours have passed. Don’t get me wrong I think today’s technology is great and can be an excellent way for us to interact. In fact I highly recommend reading blogs.

However since we’ve been discovering that God’s desire is for us to be with Him or even “in Him” in all we do, we have to be very careful not to let things be a diversion. I often hear the question, “Why don’t we see more spiritual activity in the US like we do in other parts of the world?” I wonder if the answer is because we are so easily distracted?

  1. Cromwellsheart says:

    Grand thoughts, as always Jim. I now ration my time online. It is useful, but it distracts from Gods true works and the beauty around us. It can also lead to a man becoming too insular and self absorbed.

    Indeed I have banned my kids and grand daughter from staring at screens on sunday now during visits. So I had better get off from here afore they arrive for the roast!

    Peace my friend


  2. Thank you John, it is good to hear from you. Peace to you as well my friend.

  3. chris and jodie says:

    Many times Jesus would separate people to minister or to heal them. He would tell them not to go back to the place they came from. I believe they had to trust him to follow him away from the things they were comfortable with. In Mathew 17:21 says ” this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting…” Every knee will bow at Jesus’ name so he was not referring to this demon that he just cast out I believe it was there doubt and unbelief that needed to be removed. He immediately went into the parable of the tiny mustard seed that can remove mountains. I here this prayer of give us more faith alot but it is not a matter of doing more it is less. If we remove the cares of this life, lust of money and the things that choke the word of God from our lives we would see greater miracles happen. The word is the seed that changes us. I can speak from experience that if we take this truth he will begin to reveal himself to us. Sometimes we want it to be more complicated when it should be this simple. Thank you Jesus!

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